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lottie17 in real_anorexia

back for good i promise!

Right im back for good now.....i figured i cant get back the way i was without you guys....i cant do this on my own, i feel awful im going to have to go back to writing my weight all over my room and my goal weight which is right now to loose the pounds to get me back to how i was before then drop more then! IM SETTING MY SELF A GOAL as of now! 

i will loose 7lbs at the least by next friday!! i am going to buy some scales to take back to uni with me on saturday so i can keep track of my weight! i know i can do this ive done it before i just cant seem to break out.....im tired of being so unhappy! you all sound like your doing so well! 

lets make this a really supportive community and dedicate more time to it not only for other peoples sake but for yours too...im here to help anybody that need it! 

missed this so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


i like the way you think!
i've stopped posting here regularly because this community seems to be dissapating.
i joined ed seriously, and their REALLY wonderful about replying and supporting...
just an FYI.
some girls from real anorexia are there too...
check it out.
i'll be back and forth if you need me, and decide to just continue posting here.
...im glad you're back. and am welcoming the support you bring. i'm here for you too.
XO ~Zoe.
its been awhile!
i'm recently back myself. i just can't do it alone!
e-mail me and we will support each other.....
hey thats great that your back!!!!, its not easy doing it by yourself is it??!!.
yeah i think thats a great idea make a supportive community for people sake so that they know that they are not alone!!!
i haven't weighed myself in 4 days.....I'm afraid to!
I went to the gym today and also ate like a PIG!
I would like to think i'm around 128 lbs.....but I dunno!

im so sad....

I feel so alone most of the time!
Beauty Is Deadly

October 2012

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